to Bachi-Ki-Do Do-Chang Marburg / Germany


Bachi-Ki-Do, is a modern Martial Art System that is mainly based on the more than 100 years old Ching-Mo Moon Kung Fu. In combination with other styles like Hwa Lim Temple boxing, Drunken Style and Swai Chao, Grandmaster Sijo Ralf Bartzsch, 9th Doan, formed a new system around 40 years ago. The new Kung Fu System was developed for modern life but is grounded in traditional Martial Arts.

Do-Chang Marburg

In the Marburg Bachi-Ki-Do Do-Chang you can learn Basic forms and techniques such as, Than Twe (the springing leg forms), self-defence techniques, animal forms (Tiger, Crane, Mantis, Monkey, etc.), Chin Na (the grappling style), San Soo (sparring) and weapon forms. Ki Kung and Bat Twan Chin round off the lessons.

The course is given in small groups, in English and German. A specific kids program is offered, considering the needs of children. This focuses on fitness, coordination, safe falling techniques and self-discipline.

The Marburg school is run by Master Sigung Stefan Giese, 5th Doan, with more than 20 years of Bachi-Ki-Do experience. He is direct student of Sijo Ralf Bartzsch.



The course is given currently outdoors. It is planned to open soon own training rooms. If you are interested to take part in lessons feel free to contact us by the below given contact parameters.

Software-Center, 35037 Marburg
(Outdoors not far the Technologie- und Tagungszentrum)

Kids: Currently no lessons possible
Adults: Wednesday, 7pm-8pm


Contact parameters:

Sigung Stefan Giese, 5th Doan
C. +49 (0) 172 ‐ 38 76 210
E. bkd-marburg@gmx.de
W. bachi-ki-do-marburg.com